Practice Management System

Streamline your workflow with Practice Master, an integrated, full-featured Human Health Practice Management system for both Macintosh and Windows.


Pelican Engineering recently acquired the Practice Master product and we are excited to be providing updates, development and support for this human healthcare application moving forward. We welcome the chance to work with the Practice Master users.

Patient Records

The patient record is very flexible and automatically formats patient information, medical records and external resources.

Scheduling Grid

Schedule your patient appointments quickly and accurately. Add records for appointments made outside the office.

Billing Calendar

Private invoices can be printed, MSP claims generated, and WCB forms entered and stored on the patient record.

Appointment details

Appointment details Update the scheduled information as the patient actually arrives at your office and nine-tenths of your billing work is done.

Billing Details

Add as many billing codes as you require. Each line may have a different diagnostic coding. Print a receipt for invoices as required.

Word Processing

Start with a basic template that suits your practice and incorporates data already entered in the patient record (name, PHN, age, Physician).